Second Quest
A further search of the tower ends in a hunt for missing children

The second quest began in the Great Tower of the Weald, near the main entrance to the tower. When the door to the upper floor was opened by the party, a disgusting feast of human flesh was found upon the table in the great hall, prisoners were found in the back room.

An opportunity to reach the upper floors of the tower was found by grappling onto a broken stone railing in one of the pantries, as Will (the cleric) attempted to swing his rope onto the railing, screaming beckoned him back into the great hall. When he entered, Jim, one of the captured peasants, was pestering Dana the ranger into searching for his lost children. Reluctantly, the group agreed to the search and made their way down a hole into the basement of the tower.

After a brief search of the room and the discovery of a holy symbol to the Orc God Gruumsh on the floor, a fight with a necromancing hobgoblin occurred. The fight was vicious, with the hobgoblin firing lightning bolts and unleashing earth shaking area attacks while his zombie minions tried to keep the group of adventurers at bay.

After the battle, Jim insisted on a share of the loot, and faced the penalty of being teleported out the tower by Raine the bard’s new flute.

The group then exited through a window in the chapel of the tower and followed orc tracks through the forest for three days before encountering several traps. Near an unknown stream, a wicked goblin watcher hidden in a tree fired several poison darts from several small holes. Will cast holy lance on the tree, splitting it in half, killing the goblin, however, the tree fell onto his ankle and was lifted off by Unnamed. (the warforged.)

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